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Installation of Cobra Lightbar


Installing a Cobra Lightbar on a 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400
(Intruder 800 should be the same).

Cobra’s instructions are simplified.
Here are some important points.

Instructions call for setting up and wiring the lightbar before installation.

The lamps are mounted backwards for shipping.

Turn them around and tighten.

The turn signals have to be removed and installed onto the lightbar.
To do this, the headlight has to be disassembled and the left and right turn signal plugs disconnected (label the connectors as to which is the right and left), and pulled out of the headlight.

Disassemble the headlight by removing the two Philip screws on the sides of the headlamp. Also remove the four screws on the back of the headlight base to gain access to the wiring.

The turn signal brackets have to be removed from the forks.

This requires that the front of the bike be supported, top fork plugs removed and the lower triple clamp loosened.

The speedometer cable is then removed from the speedometer.

The forks may then be slid down out of the top triple clamp. Lower just enough to slide the loosened turn signal clamps up and off.

Reassemble the forks, and hook up speedometer cable. I suspended the front of the bike from the triple clamps with a hoist while pulling the forks.

The outer portion of the turn signals is disconnected from the fork bracket.

The Philips screws on the turn signal brackets were VERY tight. I had to use a hand impact tool to break them free. This tool worked very nicely. One whack with a hammer and it was freed up.

The turn signal cable has to be cut, removed, re-soldered and taped. I staggered the cuts near the connector end.

The turn signals may then be attached to the lightbar.

Wiring the switch on the lightbar requires loosening the switch so that it may be rotated enough to get it wired. Loosen the rubber cover nut being careful not to rip the rubber.

Two wires from spotlight should be attached to one side of the switch and the power cable to the other contact.

There now should be the power cable and the two cables from the turn signals hanging from the lightbar.

Remove the headlight from the triple clamp by removing the two nuts.

Before mounting the lightbar, fish the 3 wires up through the hole in the triple clamp and out the back of the base of the headlight.

Three hands come in handy here if you have them. There is not enough room to get the connectors through with the lightbar mounted. I know. Now, mount the lightbar by slipping it in place under the headlight base, slipping the bolts through the lightbar, and attaching the nuts.

The turn signal cables have to be routed into the headlight. The wires should be out the back of the headlight base. I got them into the headlight by using a Vice Grip needle nose pliers.

Insert them through the opening from the front to the back and open the pliers wide. Push the connector into the jaws, and pull through as you push the wires from the back side.

Connect to the proper connectors (you did mark them, right?).

All that is left to do is to hook up the lightbar power wire.

There is a problem here. You have to find a power wire.
If you hook it up to the high beam wire and it won’t work when the low beam is on.
Hook it up to the low beam wire and it won’t work when the high beam is on.
The turn signal constant wire is not heavy enough and it would probably blow the fuse.
You could run another fused wire from the battery to the lightbar. That is a pain and another wire in the way to hide. My answer is to hook it to both the low and high beam wires. But doing that will short the bulbs causing both to burn at all times.

What you have to do is to isolate the two wires with two diodes.

It’s easy to do. Go to Radio Shack and buy a package (Cat. No. 276-1661) of Rectifiers at about $2 for a pack of 4. They are 6 amps at 50PIV. You will use two. The end of the rectifier diodes with the silver band connect to the lightbar power wire. Solder these two diode leads to the lightbar power wire. The other diode ends hook up to the high and low beam power wires.

Test the connections and then solder and tape well.

Finish by reassembling the headlight and the back access plate.
Be sure to locate the wiring in the headlight so the front will fit into it easily.

Low beam----------Diode------\---------Lightbar Power Wire

High beam---------Diode-------/---------silver band this side

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