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VS 800 Coolant Change

Slow Cruiser

1. place bike on the side stand

2. Remove the screws securing the radiator cover and remove the cover

3. Remove the radiator cap

4.place a drain pan under the left-hand frame rail below the water
pump. Remove the drain bolt.

5. Remove the air bleeder bolt on the left-hand upper frame rail. this
will speed up the drain process.

6. do not install the drain bolt or air bleeder bolt yet

7. Take the bike off the side stand and tip the bike from side to side to
drain and residual coolant. Place the bike back on the side stand.

8. Install the drain and bleeder bolts. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

9. If the coolant was contaminated, flush the system with fresh water
for 5 minutes, then let stand to drain.

10. Refill the cooling system as follows:
A. Loosen the bleeder bolt

B. Insert a small funnel into the radiator filler neck.

C. Add a 50-50 mixture of distilled water and antifreeze** into the
radiator to bring the level to the cap inlet fitting on the radiator
upper tank.

D. Tighten the bleeder bolt.

E. Do not install the radiator cap yet

F. Lean the bike from side to side to bleed out as much air as possible.

11. Start the engine and let run at idle speed until the engine reaches
normal operating temperture. Make sure there are no air bubbles in
the coolant and that the coolant level stabilizes at the correct level.
Add coolant if necessary.

12. Shut off engine

13. Install the radiator cap

14. Test ride the bike

15. Install the radiator cover

Fast Cruiser


Please use NON SILICATE type antifreeze. The new Prestone long
life orange is this type and there are others. Read the fine print on
the back and it should say NO SILICATES.

The owners manual says to add a bottle of BARRS stop leak when
you re-fill. Be sure and put it in before you fill it all the way up or it
won't go in!! The barrs is really for water pump lube and corrosion
protection more than to actually stop leaks but Suzuki recommends
it and it's cheap enough so go on and do it right.

Thanks to Sooner and KY Dan from the Cafe for these Instructions


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