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Miscellaneous Intruder 1400 Info


Suzuki Intruder 1400 Specifications
Standard warranty: 12 mo., unlimited miles
Recommended service interval: 7500 miles


Air-cooled 45-degree tandem V-twin
SOHC, 2 intake, 1 exhaust valve, operated by rockers, threaded adjusters
Displacement, bore x stroke: 1360cc, 94mm x 98mm
Compression ratio: 9.3:1
Carburetion: 2, 36mm Mikuni CV
Lubrication: Wet sump, 5.3 qt
Transmission: Wet, multiplate clutch; 4/5 speeds
Final drive: Shaft, 2.666:1

Wet weight: 572 lb
GVWR: 1035 lb
Wheelbase: 63.8 in.
Overall length: 91.9 in.
Rake/trail: 36 degress / 6.54 in.
Seat height: 27.75 in.
Wheels: Wire-spoke, 19 x 2.15 front, 15 x 4.00 rear
Front tire: 110/90-19 tube-type
Rear tire: 170/80-15 tube-type
Front brake: Double-action caliper, 11.6-in. disc
Rear brake: Double-action caliper, 11.0-in. disc
Front suspension: 41mm stanchions, 6.3 in. travel
Rear suspension: Dual dampers, 4.1 in. travel, adjustable for preload
Fuel capacity: 3.4 gal. (0.8. gal. reserve)


Charging output: 300 watts
Battery: 12v, 14AH
Forward lighting: 55/60-watt 5.5-in. headlight, position lights
Taillight: Single bulb
Speedometer, odometer, tripmeter;
warning lights:high beam, turn signals, neutral, oil pressure

Fuel mileage: 39 to 46 mpg, 42.6 mpg average
Average range: 145 miles
RPM at 60 mph, top gear: 3100
200 yard, top-gear acceleration from 50 mph, terminal speed: 82.2 mph
Quarter-mile acceleration: 13.71 sec. @ 93.2 mph


Light Blue Links Open In A New Window

1. Replacement battery
VS 1400 YUASA, PN# YTX16-BS-1 (auto parts store) &
Sears Or Purchase ES14BS (Wal-Mart)

Better Battery Group IA Member Socrates

Westco Battery # 12v16-B $69.95
Identical battery to the OEM Suzuki charged & ready for duty.

VS 1400 Intruder GLP '87-'01

Volts: 12
Amp/Hr: 14
C.C.A.: 230
Dimensions: 6"L x3-7/16"W x 6-3/8"H
Oem Ref. YTX16-BS-1 Weight: 13 lbs.

Note Interstate Batteries Are the same
Part # as the Yuasa & Cheaper

Battery Stuff

Battery Mart Replacement

2. VS 1400 Oil filters Check Here

Larger Fuel Tanks Available From
VS 1400

4. Passenger footpeg lowers
PN# 04-07011250
Waynesville Cycle Or Custom World International

Squealing brakes VS 1400
Kevlar brake pads EBC FA-103
PN# WP/15-103 (dealer) also goto Mocc’s Place
SBS Adhesive Shims Dennis Kirk Part# 19-1268.

5b Speed Bleeders Here
M7 X 1.0 front and rear SB7100
Clutch SB8125,or SB8125L

6. ¼ mile times
VS 1400 13.64 @ 94.7mph,

7. HP rating
VS 1400 60hp @ 5000rpm,

Tachometer – Mini Tach PN# DS-243910
Drag Specialties (No Retail Sales),
, & Accessory International

9. VS1400 Petcock
You may run out of gas when petcock is set on main.
If the main and reserve lines were switched during
assembly at the dealers.

10. Air Filters

K&N Air Filters:
VS1400 Part # SU-1487 Drop in Type
Part # RC-1820 or RU-1820 ( Requires Airbox Modifications )
B: Suzuki OEM# 13780-38a00 (front)
Suzuki OEM# 13780-38a50 (rear)
C Unifilter Part # NU2477

11.A: Ignition Keys VS 1400 Key replacement –
Ignition is Taylor #X117 for Yamaha.
ilco brand Yamaha key fit perfectly. Part #YH49 . .it also has X118
B: Fork Lock Keys VS 1400
Blanks for a BMW or a Taylor blank #V77 for Volvo
ILCO Blanks V06
Proper Key Blanks can be found Here

Cruise Control: Universal Vista Cruise
Accessory International & Rider Wharehouse
Poor Mans Cruise Control can be found HERE
Breakaway Motorcycle Cruise Control

13. Taller back rest (sissy bar)
Jardine Or Accessory International

14. Driver back rests – Protac or Lazyrider

15. Windshields – Looks and quality are words used to
describe the Memphis Shades.

16. Replacement shocks – Progressive Suspension
412-4228C (12") Standard
412-4238C (12") Heavy Duty
412-4201C (11.5")Standard
412-4236C (11.5")Heavy Duty
11-1127 Fork Springs

10-1551 Fork Lowering Kit

17. Tires Avon & Metzler Most Recommended

VS1400 Front 110/90/19 Rear 170/80/15 up to 200/80/15

18. Blue exhausts? This works… Blue Job

A Parts Manual On CD Here
B. Online Parts Look-up

20. Headlight/Taillight Kisan Tech halogen modulator for higher visibility

21. Speedometer Cables
VS1400 All Model Years Braided Stainless Pt.# 193652

From The Suzuki GS750 as it uses the same speedo and hub set up

Longer Speedo Cables Pt#K28-0364 Motion Pro

22.VS 1400 Throttle Cable Part #01ZX1831W from JC Whitney

23.A Spark Plugs:
VS1400 (Most Years) IX24B Gap .035 (Iridium)
VS1400 (1990) IX22B Gap .028

B Spark Plug Gap
All Intruder Models .031" to .035",

24. Dyna Ignitions
VS 1400 (1990-95) D3K3-1
VS 1400 (1996-03) D3K3-2

25.A Common Bolt Sizes:
Seat 10mm
Ignitor 10mm
Side Covers #2 Phillips
Clutch cover 8mm
Alternator Cover 8mm
Oil Drain 17mm
Differential Drain 21mm
Differential Fill 17mm
Kickstand Yoke 6mm Allen

25b. Stainless Screw Kit

27.Bike value from the Kelly Blue Book

28. Aftermarket exhausts systems
Lots of choices… which one do you pick?
Marco Muffler Mod is located Here
I have Cobra Slipons & Love them

29. Regulator & Rectifier Here

30. Trailer Hitch Here

31. Fork Diameter 41mm

32. Steering Head Bearings
Part #s: Timken 32005X-92KA1 (top) and Timken 32006X-92KA1 (bottom)

33. Oil – this always brings up some interesting discussion
(important but… big yawn) Don’t change it regularly and
see what happens. Read this Article and this Article
and make up your own mind but you probably should follow
the manufacturer’s recommendation donchathink?


There is a lot of useful information at the Intruder Alert Café
for the Suzuki Intruder Cruisers and the people who frequent
this site are both knowledgeable and helpful.
Where do you think I found (ripped off) most of the stuff posted above?

All other helpful answers are $1.00 each; dumb looks are still free.


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